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She is here to make sure everything in JVIC ensures each and every member’s success in their business and life.Kelly Jo is also the queen of Soul to Soul Sales, helping soul centered entrepreneurs convert more sales with their soul aligned clients.The sonic departure that her second record represents belies the organic nature of its conception, though; as markedly different as the end results prove on Burn Your Fire for No Witness, the gestation period took on a familiar form.“In some ways it was the same.You know, sometimes I’ll write a song in a day and others I won’t get around to finishing it for weeks, or months.

I think it’s only now that I’m working with the band that you can see major differences in the songs, because of the way they’re helping me to really add some drive to my songwriting.”The circumstances of Olsen coming to meet her collaborators – drummer Josh Jaeger and guitarist Stewart Bronough – would appear to vindicate her decision to drop anchor in Chicago in order to pursue a career in music, having been born and raised in Missouri.

He contacted me to see if I wanted to play music with him, and for one reason or another I thought that maybe I’d try it.

I’m normally pretty guarded about that kind of thing; you know, if it doesn’t work out, then it’s going to be pretty awkward, and I guess I’ve always wanted to avoid that.”“We got together, and when I realised that he’d been getting into playing the songs without me being there, and done everything of his own accord, I realised how genuinely interested he was in working with me.

Not only that but sometimes these beliefs can be self fulfilling prophecies.

Cindy observed her dad cheat on her mom and leave her for another woman. And while you may not be paying much attention to your thoughts, guess what-your thought are creating your life.