Vegatarian dating

In fact, a third of people say that they wouldn’t date vegans.

I asked a couple of mates if they’d date vegans and both were quite emphatic about it. ‘A vegetarian was bad enough.’ It’s a bit like saying you’re an evangelical Christian.

If this is your first venture towards being vegetarian then the "New Veggies Information Path" here on your left should make things easier for you.

So in India, if someone says they are "vegetarian", it can mean something quite different in another part of the world ... if you are a "lacto-ovo vegetarian" that means fish and meat are out but eggs and dairy are OK. No wines, beers or spirits with animal-derived fining agents or colouring.

IMPORTANT: Before making any extreme changes to your diet, Veggie Global suggests that you seek medical advice first.

This is so you can be individually assessed for any possible nutritional deficiency you may already have - or in case you have any other health problems that require a specific diet.

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