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Then head to the "Discover" tab, click the "Shake" option and if we said, "Like a Polaroid picture," we think you can work out what to do from there.As the name suggests, Friend Radar finds We Chat users in your vicinity.Create new circles of contacts, keep conversations with groups of friends and never contact with distant family members.Now all this from your laptop or personal computer to download We Chat for PC.Wechat official account also knew as wechat business account.

If you are familiar with the email marketing, you will find both and wechat broadcast message are quite similar with each other.In Singapore, people send the emails to strangers without the permissions is strictly forbidden.That makes many companies are looking for a new method to do advertisement broadcast. Wechat subscription account is the best tool in wechat to get the followers and increase the customer loyalty.You will be hooded like the Gitmo terrorists in order to disorient you and very heavy handcuffs are used (not seen in the photos).- this all leads you to loose complete sense of control over your situation;.