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1 Ding Ning beat 17-year-old Japanese sensation Miu Hirano 4-1 to secure the women's singles title for China at the World Table Tennis Championships here on Saturday.

Japan's Maharu Yoshimura and Kasumi Ishikawa made history after claiming their country's first mixed doubles gold in 48 years.

The tiebreaker for the Short Program was the Required Elements score, while the tiebreaker for the Free Skating was the Technical Merit score.

Salt Lake City has a history of caring for and stewarding parks dating back to the dedication of the first major public park in the City, Liberty Park, in 1882."I made full preparation for this match," a jubilant Ding told the audience."Before the competition, my coach, teammates, and everyone helped me prepare.Hughes and Slutskaya finished with tie scores, Hughes winning the gold medal on a tiebreaker for having won the free skating in a close result.The Russian skating federation filed a protest over the results for a second ladies' gold to the ISU. A controversial decision was taken which extended the Russian dominance of pair skating at the Olympics.