Intimidating 4 letter words

Sometimes employees cause serious damages to company’s property, assets and reputation or being undisciplined.In such cases, it is essential for companies to warn them for deductions to recover the damages from them and make them more responsible and vigilant towards them in future.

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Joseph Smith claimed to have been taught about the origins of Native Americans by the angel Moroni — an ancient American inhabitant himself.

We hope that you will be more responsible in handling the confidential documents of the firm.

abyssal accelerated acceptable accepted accepting accessible accident-prone accidental acclaimed acclimated accommodated accommodating accomplished accosted accosting accountable accredited acrid accurate accursed accusatory annihilated annoyed annoying anointed anonymous antagonistic antagonized anticipation antique antiquated antisocial antsy anxiety anxious apart apathetic apathy apologetic apoplectic apologized to appalled appealed appealing appeased applauded appraised appreciated appreciative apprehension apprehensive approachable appropriate approved approved of approving aquiver archaic ardent arduous argued with argumentative aristocratic begrudged beguiled behind beholden beleaguered believed believing belittled bellicose belligerent belonging below average beloved bemeaned bemused benevolent benign bent berated bereaved bereft berserk beseeched bliss blissful blithe blocked bloodthirsty bloody bloody-minded bloomed blooming blossomed blossoming blown apart blown around blown away blown to bits blown to pieces blown up bludgeoned blue blur blurred brief bridled bright bright eyed bright eyed and bushy tailed brilliant brisk bristling broad broadminded broken broken-hearted broken-down broken-up brooding broody browbeaten bruised brushed-off burly busted brutal brutalized brutish bubbly bucky * see note below buffeted bugged buggered bulldozed bullied bullish bullshitted bullshitted to bummed bummed out buoyant burdened burdensome buried burned burned-out cannibalized canny cantankerous capable capitulated capitulating capitulation capricious captious captivated captivating captive captured cared about cared for carefree careful careless careworn caring carried away closed-minded clouded cloudy clowned (made a fool of) clued in clueless clumsy clung to coarse coaxed cocky codependent coddled coerced coherent cold cold-blooded cold-hearted collapsed collapsing collected colonized colorful colossal comatose combative comfortable comforted comfy commanded commanding committed common commonplace communicative communistic comparative compared compassionate compatible compelled compersion competent competitive complacent complementary complete complex compliant complicated complimentary complimented composed compressed compromised compromising compulsive compunction conceited concentrated concerned condemned condescended to condescending confident confined confirmed confirming conflicted conforming conformist confounded confronted confronting confrontive confused congenial connected conned conniving conquered conscientious conscious consecrated conservative considerate considered consistent consoled consoling conspicuous conspiratorial conspired against constrained constricted constructive consulted consumed contagious contained contaminated contemplative contempt contemptible contemptuous content contented contentious contrarian contrary contradictory contributing contrite controlled controlling convenient conventional convicted convinced convincing convivial cooed to cooing cool cooped up cooperative deleterious delicate delighted delightful delinquent delirious delivered deluded demanding demeaned demeaning demented democratic demolished demonized demoralized demoralizing demoted demotivated demure denatured denigrated denounced dense denurtured dependable depended upon dependent depleted deported depraved deprecated depreciated depressed deprived derailed deranged derided derisive desecrated deserted deserving desiccated desirable desire desired desirous desolate despair despairing desperate despicable despised despondent detailed destitute destroyed destructive desultory detached detained deteriorated determined detest detestable detested detoxified devaluated devalued devastated developed deviant devil-may-care devious devoid devoid of...

This bizarre explanation, which would surely be unpalatable to the average Chapel Mormon, is contradicted by common sense as well as by the notion that the Book of Mormon is the most correct book on earth.

Next, Fair Mormon concedes that no DNA evidence supports the proposition that the ancestors of Native American Indians came from the Middle East.