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SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT - Solid Ground has joined hands with Granted Ministries to produce a smyth-sewn clothbound, shrinkwrapped edition of the Double Volume of A Pastor's Sketches.

In addition to all that is found in the present paperback edition there are two important additions:(1) The first added appendix is a short and concise summary of every sketch, allowing readers to quickly find a case that is similar to the one with which they are wrestling.

Geologists do not use the fish, the amphibian, the reptile etc.

because these are often out of order or missing entirely. In comparing the anatomy of one mammal with another, it is very evident that parts of the body are built to the same basic plan.

It has deeply convicted me to always seek to be in tune with the Holy Spirit as I minister to others." - Jerry Bridges, author of numerous books"We live in a day when it is rare for people to speak about their souls.

But in times of revival such as that in which Ichabod Spencer lived, there was so much of the Holy Spirit's work in evidence in men's lives that ministers needed to address the most searching questions to their hearers. Spencer, whose Sketches, which are here reprinted after a lapse of many years, are a veritable treasury of pastoral wisdom.

It is changing lives in over 25 countries and all 50 States and has drawn high praise from dozens of evangelical and reformed leaders throughout the world, like: Jerry Bridges, Maurice Roberts, Ernie Reisinger, James White, Gordon Keddie, Tom Nettles, Joel Beeke, Conrad Mbewe, Geoff Thomas and Peter Jeffery."I have never read anything quite like A Pastor's Sketches and I really think that if God is pleased to bring days of great revival again, no Christian book could be more helpful at such a time to pastors than Spencer's book.

Without exception, the interpretation is from the evolutionary perspective and serves to colour the very words that are used in the text.

Moreover, it is likely that these transcriptional regulators mediate the interaction of epithelial cells with the microenvironment. Dedifferentiation in carcinomas as consequence of tumor progression 1. Different ways of progression in hemoblastoses and carcinomas B.

Future investigations Differentiation state of malignant tumors is an important characteristic, which helps to establish their histological origin and to understand the degree of deviation from normal biology, as well as the stage in tumor progression and peculiarities in clinical behaviour.

This all looks very convincing except that the life forms shown are not those used by the geologist to identify the rocks but are simply meant to indicate life believed to be typical of those particular eras of earth's history.

The reader would naturally perceive this to be the evidence for evolution and indeed, the textbook will claim the fossil order to be the most powerful evidence.