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More recently Astin has focused on voice work, notably in Nickelodeon's co-star Dominic Monaghan, who sent Boyd a picture of a cake covered in bees (as you do).

Boyd and Monaghan, who played inseparable hobbit duo Pippin and Merry, remain close today.

He has portrayed some sensational roles in TV shows and movies and this has made him one of the finest actors in the game.There was one guy in fighting shape at this year’s Fantastic Debates: James Quinn Mc Donagh, not only an athlete but an undefeated bare knuckle boxer.Mc Donagh is the star of the entertaining documentary “Knuckle,” which chronicles more than a decade in the lives of feuding Irish Traveller clans.Understandably, he revisited Middle Earth more than once, voicing Frodo in a rather X-rated episode of the stop-motion comedy Robot Chicken, and last December fans glimpsed him in a brief cameo in The Hobbit, the first of Peter Jackson's three films taking on JRR Tolkien's prequel to Rings.“It was like stepping back into time,” he says, admitting “it was strange” to be without his fellow Hobbits Billy Boyd, Dominic Monaghan and Sean Astin, who he got so close to on the New Zealand set of Rings."He claims that's it for Frodo, and that we won't see him again in Jackson's next two Hobbit films.“I've actually done my piece, which is just the beginning of the first film. It's funny – we were doing press for The Hobbit, and I was told by Warner Brothers not to say it was the last time. But I genuinely don't think there's any more place for Frodo to exist within the framework of what they created.In all likelihood I won't be going back.”His latest film, Maniac, feels like an attempt to shake the Shire from his soul once and for all.