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Like other Afghans interviewed for this report, he asked for his name to be withheld.

The Durrani Empire spanned all of Pakistan, Afghanistan, and parts of Iran, and its ruler, Ahmad Shah Durrani is considered the founder of the modern Afghan state.But in my late teens and early 20s, this didn't prevent me from assuming my own racial blind spots, especially when it came to love.Turns out that the girl who "looked like the world" had a very muddled view of it. When darker-skinned men wanted to date me, I assumed it was because they considered me a trophy for my light skin.Some even find love in a country where most marriages are arranged and strict rules make it tough - and dangerous - for men and women to interact even in the most liberal circles.A recent explosion in Internet use has opened a new frontier, and many are using tools such as instant messaging to approach each other and set up dates.