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These losses have been concentrated in more rural and northern regions of the province (Ecotrust 2004), the very regions that are most dependent on fishing livelihoods, have the fewest occupational alternatives, and hold the largest number of aboriginal fishers who in theory enjoy constitutionally protected access rights. These losses resulted directly and indirectly from government policies seeking to rationalize, i.e., reduce, the number of licenses and vessels to reduce fishing pressure in response to conservation concerns and to meet economic objectives of improving the financial viability of fishing enterprises, allowing for what the government perceived as more effective management (Fisheries and Oceans Canada 1990). After independence, Jaipur became the administrative and commercial capital of what was known as Rajputana, a suitable conclusion to the dreams of its founder Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II, a man famed for his talents as a politician, mathematician, and astronomer.At age 13 he ascended the throne of the Kachchwaha Rajputs, a clan that had enjoyed tremendous prosperity and power as a result of their canny alliance, dating back to Humayun’s reign, with the Mughal emperors.Aboriginal and nonaboriginal fishing-dependent communities on the coast of British Columbia, Canada, having lost traditional fisheries management institutions along with significant fishing opportunity, are in the process of rebuilding local and regional institutions to allow their survival. Monitoring salmon aquaculture waste: the contribution of First Nations’ rights, knowledge, and practices in British Columbia, Canada. Sometimes, the rebuilding effort involves the creation of largely new institutions. Landing native fisheries: Indian reserves & fishing rights in British Columbia, 1849-1925. Access protocols and social identity in Kwakwaka’wakw clam management: from colonialism to cultural revitalization. School of Resource and Environmental Management, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada.

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Jaipur is a shopper’s delight too, as a wide range of excellent handicrafts are available in the city.Although both areas would benefit from greater financial resources, the most critical need is for external support in the form of alliances, issue networks, and access to multiple sources of power. Over the last four decades, long-established aboriginal and nonaboriginal fishing communities on the British Columbia (BC) coast have been undergoing radical loss of fishing licenses, vessels, and opportunity, and also of the government presence and infrastructure that formerly supported local fishing activities. Ancient clam gardens increased production: adaptive strategies from the past can inform food security today. School of Resource and Environmental Management, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada. It can also involve the reactivation, reinvention, or repositioning of older ones. Broughton archipelago clam terrace survey: final report. University of British Columbia Press, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. We consider the aspirations, strategies, and activities of organizations in two regions of the coast involved in two different fisheries: salmon on the north coast and intertidal clams in the Broughton Archipelago. Coastal and Ocean Resources, Sidney, British Columbia, Canada.